Pokémon gen I & II: Gotta Catch'm All!

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Hey everyone!

This is just a short write up of what I'm working on with my Pokémon streams.
A while back I played through Pokémon Blue, and wanted to get the full Blue Pokédex.
I was getting closer and closer, but was preemptively getting annoyed at never being able to fully finish this, so started playing Pokémon Red as well, because these two games have version exclusives.

After a while I got bored, stopped playing both of these games and didn't give it much thought.
That was, until rumors of Let's Go came out, and I got motivated to play Pokémon again.
Not wanting to pick up a stale grind, I instead played through most of Yellow, but never completing it because Let's Go was released, and I played that instead.

Many months later, a twitter user by the name of Obskyr announced he was looking for beta-testers for his Pokémon immortality mod.
I contacted him, told him I would love this, and he told me he would send me the required parts as soon as possible.

The MOD!

What this mod does is replace the Pokémon cartridge's RAM chip, and adds a tiny daughter board to support this new RAM chip.
This RAM chip is different from the original, because this no longer requires power to maintain it's contents.
All Gen I and Gen II games have the problem that, as soon as the safe battery dies, the game's save file will be deleted.
This is solved by this mod, making the game, and therefore the containing Pokémon, immortal!

I thought long and hard about what I should do with this new found sense of power, and I feel there is only one thing I can do.
The goal is to finish the Pokédex on Gen I, trade all Pokémon over to Gen II, beat all three Gen II games, and then collect the full Gen II Pokédex.
With all of this done, I will then trade all my beloved Pokémon over to my modded Crystal cartridge, to then have a living Kanto and Johto for all eternity.

Wee started this grind a few weeks before this post; first by beating the Elite Four, and since then by slowly catching all remaining Pokémon one by one.

If you have any questions after reading this, or want to watch me do this live in action; come join the Stream!