Bronze Man Mode!

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Bronze man mode; now that is something that raises a lot of questions!
What is bronze man mode?
Well, the name has been passed around for a long time, but it was last Februari that Gudi (previously known as Mod Ronan) started a series by this name.
The rules are simple:
- You make a regular Old School Runescape account
- You can not buy anything from the Grand Exchange until you have obtained that item once.
- After doing so, you may freely buy and sell this item to your heart's content.

Gudi decided that picking up items of the ground was free game, so in his videos you see him going into PVP areas and picking up the loot left behind by other players, I don't like this aspect of his ruleset; so don't allow myself to do this.
Gudi had written a custom Runelite plugin that restricted his Grand Exchange access to only the items he had obtained.
I am not sure if he ever considered releasing this plug-in, but soon after his first video a programmer by the name of sethrem released his own version of this plugin on github, on which Gudi commented that he preferred this version to his own.

When I came across this idea; I immediately wanted to join in. I downloaded the plugin, added it to my game, and have been playing this way ever since.
I did come across a few minor bugs, which I have since then fixed in my own fork of the code.

I hope this clears up the general concept for everyone interested.

Yes, I did start my 'bronze man' mode on an existing account, meaning that I have previously interacted with the grand exchange.
If someone reminds me; I'll add a list of the resulting exceptions I had to make.

For now, thank you for reading this!