A bond, a goal, a challenge

Tags: runescape osrs bond

All the way back in June, I managed to time it so that my 1400 total level coincided perfect with my 10m total XP.
As luck will have it, my 1600 total level AND my 20m total XP are both nearing at a rapid pace, and I therefore once again made it my goal to time these events perfectly.
As of writing this, the following is a list of the skills I'll be training, how much XP I'll be needing in that skill, and how many levels that will give me.
The order of these skills hasn't been determined yet, and won't be done one at a time anyway.

Current total level: 1593
Current total XP: 18742762

Skill XP levels
Ranged 166528 1
Attack 111743 1
Defense 142156 1
Strength 66931 0
Hitpoints 162047 1
Mining 76020 0
Fletching 29033 1
Hunter 104101 0
Crafting 332103 2